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Biographies: Andrew McCarthy

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Reviewer: Iluvthe80s

Andrew McCarthy brought a rare element of class to the Brat Pack. While socially, he was in with the rest of the crew living it up in L.A., on the screen he had a presence which always managed to bring an extra layer of depth to his characters. His prep school and theater background most assuredly influenced his film career.

Born on November 29, 1962 in Westfield, New Jersey, he attended prep school before moving to New York University where he studied acting. He soon began acting at the Circle in the Square Theater and working in other theater projects.

His feature film debut was in 1983's Class but it was in 1985 that his career began to skyrocket with a performance as the shy and eccentric Kevin in Joel Schumacher's St. Elmo's Fire. The role earned him his spot in the Brat Pack, and his follow-up roles in Pretty in Pink and Less Than Zero insured he was there to stay. He also appeared as half of the wacky duo in Weekend at Bernie's.

Since the 80s came to a close, McCarthy has had a harder time finding work. He had small roles in Mulholland Falls and The Joy Luck Club, but nothing of great note. However, he has made a successful return to his theater roots and has appeared on Broadway in Boys of Winter and Bodies, Rest and Motion. McCarthy has also appeared in a few European films by director Claude Chabrol. Despite the fact that he often seemed to be one of the most talented, unfortunately, next to Mare Winningham, McCarthy seemed to be the Brat Packer most likely to disappear. Some upcoming projects, Jump and New World Disorder, should put his career to the test, if they succeed he may be in store for a comeback.

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