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Biographies: Dead Milkmen

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Reviewer: Iluvthe80s

Philadelphia pop-punk quartet featuring vocalist Rodney Anonymous (who sometimes added "Amadeus" or "Mellencamp" to his name), guitarist Joe Jack Talcum, bassist Dave Blood, and drummer Dean Clean. The Milkmen are renowned for their dumb, obnoxious sense of humor, which they frequently focus on pop culture. Some critics love them, some critics hate them, but all agree that the Milkmen are sophomoric and snotty. "Bitchin' Camaro," from their debut, Big Lizard in My Backyard, was a minor alternative-radio hit. The band got a small measure of publicity when Detroit Tiger infielder Jim Walewander praised them in interviews, and had a minor MTV hit with Beelzebubba's "Punk Rock Girl." Unfortunately, they were never as consistently funny as they tried to be, and wound up dropped from Enigma after Metaphysical Graffiti. Their subsequent releases found them trying to learn how to be serious, and their popularity had almost disappeared by the time they broke up in the mid-'90s. Steve Huey

SOURCE: Allmusic.com

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