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Biographies: Emilio Estevez

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Emilio Estevez was born into an acting family, and so his career choice hardly seems surprising. His father, Martin Sheen, is a screen legend and his brother, Charlie Sheen, is an infamous actor known both for his acting skills and troubled lifestyle.

Born on May 12th, 1962, Emilio took up acting in his late teens and was able to skip over the baby steps of celebrity (commercials, guest appearances, etc.) due to the influence of his family. Estevez appeared in a few television movies early on before moving on to the big screen. One of his first roles was in The Outsiders, directed by Francis Coppola and boasting a cast of fresh young faces who would become the stars of tomorrow. These up-and-comers included Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe and Estevez, who was a fan favorite. The movie really got his career rolling.

Next up for Estevez was a role in the offbeat Repo Man, a quirky film that had cult classic written all over it. Things were on a definite upswing. Emilio’s choices after Repo Man were somewhat unexpected. Instead of following it up with more weird and peculiar movies, he found a niche in the teen films of John Hughes, which were so popular in the 80s. Estevez became an official member of the Brat Pack. He, along with Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson, were the only two members to appear in both definitive Brat Pack movies, The Breakfast Club and Saint Elmo’s Fire.

Now aged 23, Estevez was able to parlay his success into other ventures. In 1986, his film Wisdomwas released, which he wrote, directed and starred in opposite then-girlfriend Demi Moore. Emilio had previously written the film That Was Then... This Is Now, but had never directed. Since Wisdom however, Estevez had expanded his directing credits with Men At Work, The War At Home and The Bang, Bang Club.

The late 80s saw Emilio’s star continue to rise. He appeared in Stakeout, a fun and successful action/adventure, and Young Guns, an exhilarating, youth oriented cowboy movie in which Estevez had the lead role of Billy the Kid.

After Young Guns, things began to fizzle for the young star. As he got older, the roles he had typically played were no longer being offered. He had a string of misses as he struggled to find a new niche in Hollywood. While Emilio continued to get roles, his status in Hollywood diminished and he went from lead roles to supporting. His saving grace during this period was his work in Disney’s The Mighty Ducks movies. As Coach Gordon Bombay, he helped fuel the United States’ growing passion for hockey while entertaining kids at the same time.

After the third Mighty Ducks installment, it seemed Estevez was ready for another change. While playing with the kids had been fun, he wanted something more fulfilling. In lieu of payment for D3, he received financing for his film The War At Home, which he produced, directed and starred in. It was a gritty story of a Viet Nam veteran returned home after the war, meant to remind the world that he was more than a bit actor in children’s movies.

Emilio Estevez continues to expand his range with work behind the camera as well as in front, and he also works on developing his scripts. He is a multi-talented celebrity, who, despite the fact that he seems to have reached his peak in the 80s, continues to do good, worthwhile work.

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