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Biographies: Lee Aaron

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Written by: StickBoy

Lee Aaron's first big exposure was on a local television variety program when she was 15. She sang "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life".

Within a few years she joined a band, as their background singer and keyboardist. Eventually she moved to the lead singer position.

She soon went "solo". Her manager recruited a number of talented players and she toured Ontario. In 1982 she recorded an album with the band Santers backing her up.

Other well-known musicians involved in The Lee Aaron Project include Rik Emmett, Frank Soda plus members of Doucette, Moxy, Wrabit and Wreckless.

In 1984 she signed with Attic Records and released the album that became her trademark. It was called Metal Queen, a name the press used to label her for the next five or six years.

This was to be the beginning of a long partnership with both Attic Records and guitarist John Albani.

The video for the title song, "Metal Queen", was rated R by the BBC in England and banned entirely in Australia. Even in her own country she had trouble getting MuchMusic to play it. They finally did and it was a hit.

Spurred by this success, Attic Records bought the rights to The Lee Aaron Project from Freedom Records and re-released it with an extra bonus live track and new packaging which featured Lee on the front and back cover.

By the time she started recording her third album, Call Of The Wild, she had become very popular in Europe, especially in England and West Germany.

Only about a month before the release of Call Of The Wild in 1985 she and her band performed a live concert at the Marquee in London, England which was recorded and sold as a home video companion to the album.

With a change of managers and the success of this album in Europe she was signed to a record deal with 10 Records, a subsidiary of Virgin Records, in England.

In 1987 she released an album with a bit of a softer side to it which she simply called Lee Aaron, which is just a bit confusing since Attic had re-titled The Lee Aaron Project as simply Lee Aaron.

This was the first and last album of hers to be distributed by 10 Records in England since they folded soon after. This album spawned her very first top 40 single called "Only Human".

In 1989 she released her most successful album yet, Bodyrock. It produced the hits "Whatcha Do To My Body" and "Hands On".

1989 was also the year she decided to tour Canada instead of Europe. She hadn't done a full cross-Canada tour since her first album in 1983.

In 1991 she released the follow-up to this wildly successful album, the only slightly less successful Some Girls Do. This album featured the hit "Sex With Love" as well as "Motor City Boy" a song she wrote about her "secret" husband, Greg Doyle, who was from Detroit.

Not long after this album, Lee and Attic Records parted ways. It was a mutual decision as she did pose for new photos for the compilation album Attic released in 1992, after her departure.

It was two years until her next album in 1994, called Emotional Rain, which is exactly what she went through in those two years. It would appear that this album is a sort of chronological review of her relationship with her now ex-husband. She certainly made no secret that she was divorced, though she tried her damnedest to make sure no one found out she was married - it would have ruined her image as a young party girl!

This new album was released on her own label, Hipchic Music, Inc., which was set up by her management company as a subsidiary of Spy Records, which her manager is one third owner of.

Since recording this album she has moved from her "home town" of Toronto to Vancouver. She has also parted ways with her long time guitarist and song-writing partner John Albani. He now has his own recording studios, Landshark Music Services, in Nashville, Tennessee and is recording and producing demos and albums for local and international artists alike.

Soon after, Lee joined three former members of the Vancouver group Sons Of Freedom to form 2preciious. They released their self-titled debut album in July 1996. It featured the singles "Superbitch" and "Mascara". The album was released in Europe as Lee Aaron & 2preciious.

In September 1997, Lee Aaron resurfaced to perform some old jazz numbers at a Vancouver nightclub.

Throughout 1998 she continued to play jazz at various Vancouver nightclubs and at the end of the year she also began an intermittent rock tour of Canada that continued through to the present.

Lee's first jazz album, Slick Chick, was released in May 2000 to critical acclaim. She toured Canada and Europe, where the album was released with a different cover.

In March 2004, Lee Aaron released the follow-up to Slick Chick, a more pop-oriented album called Beautiful Things. And in June she welcomed the birth of her first child, daughter Angella.

Lee has no plans to return to rock music. She quite enjoys the freedom she gets playing "jazz-pop".

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