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Biographies: Paul Young

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Reviewer: Greenway88

Paul Anthony Young was born January 17th 1956. He was the middle child of three; he has an elder brother –Mark, and a younger sister -Joanne. His interest in music dates back to when he was very young, when he learnt to play the piano then the guitar. He played bass guitar in his first band. On leaving school he worked with his father for Vauxhall Motors and played in various bands at night.

A lack of demand for bass players led him back to his first passion, singing. These were lean times musically because his preferred style of music, soul, was not particularly popular. However he managed to sing in various bands such as Kat Kool & The Kool Kats and later in the better known Street Band.

In December 79 the band split and Paul formed the Q-Tips. During the next two years they played 700 gigs all over the UK and achieved a growing reputation. It also gave Paul the chance to develop his incredible voice and his unique stage persona. Paul has great memories of his time with the Q-Tips and still uses some of their old songs sometimes on stage.

The band split at the end of 82 and Paul signed as a solo artist with CBS Records. The first single released in the UK was 'Iron Out The Rough Spots' in November 82 but it wasn't a success; initially it was the same for the following release 'Love Of the Common People'. Success came at last with 'Wherever I Lay My Hat' which maintained number 1 spot for the whole summer of 1983. The album 'No Parlez' pushed Paul and The Royal Family (his supporting band) to the top of the charts. 'Come Back & Stay' made Paul world famous. He met his future wife, Stacey Smith whilst making the video of 'Come Back and Stay'.

With the second album, 'The Secret Of Association' his status as a world star was confirmed. 'Every Time You Go Away' was and still is his biggest hit.

Two things made Paul so popular: his unique voice and his powerful stage performances. Contrary to the image of the quiet ballad singer he seems to portray on TV, his concerts are very physical. He runs, jumps and dances like no other performer. His performance for Live Aid in 1985 will stay in peoples’ minds forever.

In 1987 he went to studios in Milan to record his third album 'Between Two Fires' and met the Italian singer Zucchero. They became good friends. 1987 was also the year of the birth of his first daughter Levi.

In 1998 Paul appeared in The Nelson Mandela Tribute Concert and sang a song by Crowded House -'Don't Dream It's Over'- which his fans pushed him to record later for his best-of album.

Paul then took a break from music for three years to be with his wife and daughter and went to the states to record 'Other Voices'. This album was recorded in Los Angeles & New York.

In 1991, Paul recorded a duet with his friend Zucchero, the famous 'Senza Una Donna' which is on his best of album, 'From Time To Time' and Zucchero’s album.

He finished a world tour with a wonderful appearance in the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert singing 'Radio Gaga' in April 1992.

In 1993, after ten years of his solo career he reformed the Q-Tips with his old partners for three concerts.

In the same year the new album 'The Crossing' , produced by Don Was, was released but was only promoted in Europe. This album marked a big turn in Paul's career. It was a new style of music, he had new management, and he underwent an acoustic tour across Europe, performing in smaller venues to regain the love of his public.

He had already prepared the songs for the next album, reworking some of them in front of a live audience. Then he left his Record Company.

At the end of 1994 he released a compilation of soul songs for Christmas, 'Reflections' and went on tour to promote this album which was only released in the UK.

His wife Stacey gave birth to a second daughter, Layla, in August 94.

In 1995, Paul took part in various Festivals in Europe and a summer tour in France.

During all 1995 and 1996 he prepared his new album due to be released in March 1997 and kept training his voice singing with his Mexican style band Los Pacaminos in the UK. He also became the happy father of a son called Grady-Cole in January 96

A new single called 'I Wish You Love' was released on May 5th 1997 in the UK and the album called 'Paul Young' was released on May 19th.

Paul was unhappy with the promotion of this album and signed to new management in 1999. He undertook the Intimate tour, at a number of smaller venues across the UK, in the spring and summer of 1999 to great acclaim.

SOURCE: Paul Young.com

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