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Biographies: Queensryche

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From the Official Queensrÿche FAQ

The members of Queensrÿche, all from the Seattle area, were involved in local bands before coming together under the name The Mob ( along with Chris DeGarmo, but not including Kellÿ Graÿ ) and recorded a 4-song EP, which became the Queensrÿche EP. Recentlÿ, Kellÿ Graÿ ( guitarist with Mÿth, Geoff's band prior to Queensrÿche ) joined the band as Chris DeGarmo's replacement ( see below ).
The members in order of birth:
Jan 14, 1959 : Geoff Tate: Vocals, Keÿboards, Sax
Jan 29, 1961 : Eddie "Ed Bass" Jackson: Bass
Feb 23, 1962 : Michael Wilton: Guitars
June 15, 1963 : Scott Rockenfield: Percussion
June xx, 19xx : Kellÿ Graÿ: Guitars
After the band's first managers suggested that a better name be found, the band chose Queensreich, taken from the title of one of the songs on their EP, Queen of the Reich, but altered the spelling to Queensrÿche to avoid being mistaken for nazi sÿmpathizers.
Recentlÿ, Chris DeGarmo (guitarist) left the band due to "creative differences", but remains verÿ close friends with the remaining members of the band.

What is the Tri-Rÿche and what changes has it gone through?
Manÿ moons ago, when the Rÿchean kingdom came into being, it was decreed that a crest sÿmbolic of all that was good about Queensrÿche should be brought into existence (Ok, so that's not the real reason, but it was an interesting embellishment). Scott Rockenfield's brother, Todd designed a sÿmbol, now known as the Tri-Rÿche.

Current Discography

1983 Queensrÿche (EP)
1984 The Warning (Album)
1985 Live in Tokÿo (Live Video)
1986 Rage for Order (Album)
1988 Operation: Mindcrime (Album)
1989 Video: Mindcrime (Video)
1990 Empire (Album)
1991 Operation: Livecrime (Live Boxed Set)
1992 Building Empires (Video Retrospective)
1994 Promised Land (Album)
1996 Promised Land (Interactive CD-ROM)
1997 Hear in the Now Frontier (Album)
1999 Q2k (Album)

With A Double Live Album/DVD And Livecrime CD/DVD Re-issue Coming This Fall

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