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Reviewer: Skeezix

We are Red Flag, brothers Mark and Chris Reynolds. Kidnapped as children (by our parents) and transplanted from Liverpool to the USA. After years of traveling (Gibraltar, Montreal, Seattle, Long Beach) the folks finally settled down in the fine city of San Diego. It was here, in the summer of 1984 that a local radio station (91x) selected the first song we ever recorded, titled, 'Distant Memories' for their 'Local Heroes' compilation album. Then a few years later, after performing at a club in Pacific Beach CA, we landed a record deal with the grateful assistance of Jon St.James. We released 'Broken Heart' and 'Russian Radio' on Synthicide Records (1988). In 1989 Enigma Records released our full-length album titled Naïve Art, produced by Paul Robb of Information Society and mixed by Joseph of Razormaid. This album spurred a number of minor club hits. ('Russian Radio' and 'If I Ever' were both top ten on Billboard’s Dance chart). We then appeared on American Bandstand and our video for 'Russian Radio' was in rotation on MTV's 120 Minutes. We toured heavily and opened for bands such as DEVO, Thomas Dolby, Book of Love and Real Life and others.

Then a few clouds appeared on the RED FLAG horizon. Enigma Records folded and we signed with I.R.S. Records and released Machines (in 1992) . In 1993, I.R.S. released us. Our hopes to release music consistently and have a long term relationship with a record company seemed unlikely. Then we had a epiphany. It is time to take our fate into our own hands. It is time to move to Plan B ! And so it was that in 1994 we started our own label, Plan B Records. We have consistently released new cds and we finally have a long and healthy relationship with our label - our label . In 2000 we released 2 albums, 7 singles, a 10-disc box set and a Christmas single. (are you guys out of control?......guilty as charged)

In late 2000 we played in Europe (with Dance or Die, Melotron) and arrived home with a desire to make our music darker, harder and the lyrics more poignant. Our album 'The Crypt’ achieved this goal. Then in the spring of 2001 played a couple gigs with "Mesh' in Chicago and NY and were then invited to Hamburg Germany to perform at the '101 Festival" with bands such as Toy, and De/Vision.

On July 10, 2001 we released the album "Fear of a Red Planet". One of our best efforts to date. The programming is shear perfection and the lyrics border on poetry. IOHO - Well, that was until we completed 'The Bitter End', our latest full length album. 12 songs of love, loss, life and reality all in classic Red Flag fashion. (release date 05.14.02). On May 15th 2002, we also released 'Who are the Skulls?'. With a little help from our friends we put together the first compilation album of Red Flag remixes. A total of 16 tracks, this album serves as a testament of hidden and obvious talent in today's electronic music scene. We are currently working on a number of Red Flag projects. The one we are most excited about is a new album titled 'CODEBREAKER T133'. This album will consist of 12 new Red Flag songs all at the tempo of 133 bpm (beats per minute). If all goes as planned expect to see it in the shops on Nov 5th 2002.

Mark & Chris RED FLAG

SOURCE: RedFlag.org

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