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Biographies: Teena Marie

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Reviewer: Greenway88

Teena Marie, a three-time Grammy nominated artist, first began her flourishing career at the age of eight with a role on the classic TV sitcom, "The Beverly Hillbillies." Since her "head-over-heels" debut, she has enjoyed phenomenal success and has established herself as a prolific songwriter, lyricist, poet, actress, musician and producer. Now a legendary balladeer, Lady Tee has recorded 11 albums with six "Greatest Hits" releases and has performed as a guest on over a dozen albums and soundtracks. An exceptional creative genius, her breathtaking performances continue to captivate her loyal audiences throughout the world.

With the allure of her sultry, soulful voice, Teena has amassed a large, multicultural following. Able to span a wide range of musical genres, her mix of upbeat Funk and Pop oriented hits like "Lovergirl" and "Ohh La La La," soulful R&B/Jazz combo classics like "Casanova Brown," and the romantic Latin rhythms of "Portuguese Love" draw sellout performances internationally. Supported by the best musicians, Teena's live performances captivate audiences with Afro-Cuban conga rhythms, exhilarating guitar riffs, and infectious keyboard melodies that are all part of the musical experience of a life-time.

Teena Marie has amassed an impressive string of hits throughout her career including 10 self-produced gold and platinum LP's in addition to several hit singles. Besides her famous collaborations with the legendary Rick James, she has recorded with a wide variety of artists ranging from Stanley Clark to Lenny Kravitz, and has shared the stage with such legendary greats as Nancy Wilson and Sarah Vaughn. As well as appearing on the HBO special, "Sinbad Funk and Soul Fest," she was featured on the television hit "New York Undercover."

Her role in the establishment of the "Teena Marie Law," which was legislated to protect the rights of recording artists, has been a subject of interest in her numerous radio interviews throughout the United States. Her awesome technical ability and heart-pumping performances have received exceptionally favorable reviews in newspapers in the U.S., Europe, and Virgin Islands. Some of the most prestigious magazines, including Radio Record, Billboard, Echoes, Vibe, Blues and Soul, and Rolling Stone have all featured articles on her illustrious life and career.

Even amidst the accolades, Ms. Marie feels that her best works have yet to be heard. According to Lady Tee, "I have not even scratched the surface of my capabilities." If this is possible, we are in for a real treat. Tantalized by live performances of new material, fans eagerly await the next release by this inimitable one-of-a-kind genius. This is the performer you would not want to miss.

SOURCE: TeenaMarie.com

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