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Welcome to the Ultimate Eighties Website!

Congratulations! And welcome to the biggest and busiest 80's website on the planet - dedicated to the preservation and resurrection of everything 80's. You've just found the .com with the most 80's fans in one place - period. The proof is in the pudding! Click here to see for yourself! Sign up for free right now and become a member of our tremendous circle of friendship! There's no better place for the 80's fan than right here - where 80's music and fashion never went away!

Well over 55,000 pages of 80's information!

The 80sxchange.com Mission Statement: How would you like to turn on the television and find a channel that plays movies, television shows and/or music videos from the 80's? How about turning on the radio and hearing a local station play all 80's music? Well, we would too. Our goal here is to allow the world to see that being a fan of the 80's isn't something to be ashamed of! There are lots of us (as you may have already noticed in our live community). With a little luck (well, maybe a lot) the media will realize there's a huge audience for all things 80's. If this happens, radio and television will recognize the value of attracting our attention. For now, it may just be a dream - but there should be an Eighties Entertainment Network! Hopefully, in time, some rich entreprenuer will come along and see the possibilities of creating such a thing. In the meantime, we can share all of our memories, hopes, and dreams right here at 80sxchange.com...

And be sure to visit our sister site when you get the chance. There you'll find even more 80's (and more) goodness to satisfy that nostagia bug!

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"...thank you for making this site. It made me feel that I wasn't alone in the world. I felt like I was the only person obsessed with the 80's. Now I am among friends."
- Stacy, AKA Iluvthe80s

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