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Hunting High and Low (Reviewed by DarkWave):

This has to be one of the most emotive record ever made in the New Wave era and for sure of one of the best. Morten Harket, singer and leader of the band is outstanding, a superb powerful voice he got. Every single tracks on this album is a must, the lyrics are often beautiful and sensitive. This album include A-ha's hits "Take on Me", "The Sun Always Shines on T.V" and U.K's huge hits "Train of Thought". Highly underrated, this album deserves a place in every 80s music fan.

1. Take on Me
2. Train of Thought
3. Hunting High and Low
4. The Blue Sky
5. Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
6. The Sun Always Shines on T.V
7. And You Tell Me
8. Love Is Reason
9. I Dream Myself Alive
10. Here I Stand and Face the Rain

Response to this review by D2GIRL): LOVE IT!!!!

Response to this review by SurlyOne): I agree, this is a brilliant album. It's a shame that most Americans see them as a one-hit wonder, pretty-boy band. The truth is that they are outstanding musicians with a real talent for songcraft. Even their 2000 album Minor Earth Major Sky is exceptional! Never released in the US, but available as an import. The singles "Summer Moved On" and "Velvet" are both classics.

Response to this review by wavemeister): Absolutely right - A-Ha and some of their albums are in my personal all-time favourite list.
The only thing which diminished the fun of listening to 'Hunting...' was the hype around them, fanned by all the teen gazettes when A-Ha became hip. As a true male 15-year old, you couldn´t admit to like a band which singer was considered as 'cutie' by all the girls.
Scary...I´m sounding like Ted...

Response to this review by Shabooh): Agreed. an excellent album. My personal favorite is "Here I stand and face the Rain".
I kind of let this song slip through when I bought it in 1985 and "discovered" it in the summer of 1989. Today, it remains as my fav.

Response to this review by Steve Chase): Indeed it was an excellent album, and still provides me with good listening although I play the 'Headlines & Deadlines Greatest Hits' more these days. From the lesser known tracks, I always liked 'Dream Myself Alive' and 'Living A Boy's Adventure Tale'. I actually did prefer the single version of 'Train Of Thought' which appears on 'Headlines & Deadlines' though.

Response to this review by ValJ): Just adding some spice, since I'm of a different opinion. I'm sure these guys were great artists, but I never saw what the fascination was all about. I didn't like either of their U.S. hits. If you're a metal or glam band fan, this may not be something you want to look into. If you're into new wave, then by all means, buy it! I am sure these guys know great new wave when they hear it!

Response to this review by Steve Chase): <Sharp intake of breath> OOoooOOooh! Con-tro-ver-sial!! Nah, seriously I understand where you're coming from ValJ. A-ha are not everyone's cup of tea I'll admit. Having said that more often that not most of my 80's buds will speak kindly of at least 1 A-ha song. Guess it was a bit like the 'Wham' over-hype or did you own a 'Choose Life' t-shirt perchance?

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