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Big Country

The Crossing (Reviewed by Dark Wave):

This morning, as I tuned the news at cnn.com, I was shocked. Stuart Adamson, singer and leader of one the greatest band of the 80s has been found dead. I had this idea of doing this review of this great album for a long time but I think this is the right time to remember people how great his music was.

The year is 1983, I am three years old, the single "In A Big Country" is being played by MTV, radio and everywhere around the world. The sound is unique, a creative mix of U2 and plenty of other bands. I was still to young to appreciate at his fullest the greatness of Big Country's music. Years later, when I began my 80s craze, this band began to be one of my favs because of this album.

The beauty and richness of this album is incredible, the production is perfect, the lyrics are often very beautiful like in the song "Chance", "Fields of fire" and many others.

This was Big Country's biggest success in America, they created other great albums but this one will always remain in my heart forever. Thank you Stuart...thank you to a wonderful band for having created such great music. I am eternally grateful.


1. In A Big Country
2. Inwards
3. Chance
4. 1000 Stars
5. The Storm
6. Harvest Home
7. Lost Patrol
8. Close Action
9. Fields Of Fire
10. Porrohman

Response to this review by Iluvthe80s: This is a really good album. My favorite song is "Fields Of Fire".

Response to this review by Trixter: Stuart Adamson and his bandmates created a unique sound, unlike anything I've ever heard. Exciting and fresh. When "In A Big Country" expoded onto the charts in the US, I was in awe, this new sound, the bagpipes and rock music together. It created a festive mood and it is in this festive mood that I will remember Big Country and Stuart Adamson, thanks for the music and memories. "...dreams stay with you..."

Response to this review by xistenza: I know. So sad. Big Country were great.

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