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Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi | 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit | New Jersey

Bon Jovi (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

I know most of you might like "Slippery When Wet" or "New Jersey" but I have always been partial to their self-titled album "Bon Jovi". "Runaway" was the first song I ever heard by them when I saw the video on American Bandstand back in 1984. I have been a fan since.
Once again, a great rock album. One to go well in any 80's collection. My fave songs on this album are : "Runaway", "She Don't Know Me", and "Roulette".


1. Runaway
2. Roulette
3. She Don't Know Me
4. Shot Through The Heart
5. Love Lies
6. Breakout
7. Burning For Love
8. Come Back
9. Get Ready

Response to this review by ValJ): She Don't Know Me and Shot Through The Heart are great songs. I love Runaway, also. Get Ready is the 'feel good' song on this album. I think this album is well worth your money, if you can still find it.

Response to this review by Zel): Runaway was the first song I heard too! i was hooked. I still have the video somewhere! Great review Ilovethe80s
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7800 Degrees Fahrenheit (Reviewed by Megaman X):

7800 Dergees Fahrenheit
1985 Mercury Records
Cat #314-538-088-2

Track Listing-
In & Out Of Love
The Price Of Love
Only Lonely
King Of The Mountain
Silent Night
Tokyo Road
The Hardest Part Is The Night
Always Run To You
To The Fire
Secret Dreams

Of All Bon Jovi's Albums,1985's "7800 Dergees Fahrenheit" Is The Most Overlooked And Highly Underrated. With Powerful and Emotional Tracks Such As "The Price Of Love", "The Hardest Part Is he Night", "Only Lonely" & "Silent Night", It A Surprise That This Wasn't The Album That Made Bon Jovi A Household Name.

Response to this review by Iluvthe80s): I agree this album was underrated. I have always loved the first two albums more than "Slippery When Wet" and "New Jersey". My fave songs on this album are: "In And Out Of Love", "Tokyo Road", and "Silent Night".

Response to this review by VioletFoxx): I agree! This album was soooooo underrated. The whole thing is awesome, my faves being Silent Night and Only Lonely. I'd already seen them live by the time this one came out and I just couldn't understand why they weren't superstars yet.
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New Jersey (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

After selling more than 12 million copies of "Slippery When Wet", Bon Jovi comes back with another blockbuster album called "New Jersey". Released in 1988, this album contained such hits as "Bad Medicine", "Lay Your Hands On Me", "I'll Be There For You", and "Born To Be My Baby".
Bon Jovi continued to go and sell out rock arenas with this album. It is an album full of catchy hooks and choruses that make you want to sing along. My fave songs from the album are: "I'll Be There For You", "Wild Is The Wind", and "Lay Your Hands On Me".


1. Lay Your Hands On Me
2. Bad Medicine
3. Born To Be My Baby
4. Living In Sin
5. Blood On Blood
6. Homebound Train
7. Wild Is The Wind
8. Ride Cowboy Ride
9. Stick To Your Guns
10. I'll Be There For You
11. 99 In The Shade
12. Love For Sale

Response to this review by ValJ): This is also the album in which they decided they wanted to be a little bit cowboy, as evidenced by the tracks Homebound Train and Ride Cowboy Ride. Ironically, Stick To Your Guns isn't as twangy. Overall, this is a good album, and I agree with Stacy that Wild Is The Wind is one of the best tracks on it.
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