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Bruce Springsteen

Born in the U.S.A. (Reviewed by DarkWave):

Pop rock at his best, Born in the U.S.A was and still is a superb powerful album. From the title track to the beautiful "My Hometown", the album is faultless. This album also had many hits on the radio and MTV. Who don't remember the videos of Springsteen in the 80s? A favorite of mine, excellent album. A must-have.
1. Born In The U.S.A.
2. Cover Me
3. Darlington County
4. Working On The Highway
5. Downbound Train
6. I'm On Fire
7. No Surrender
8. Bobby Jean
9. I'm Goin' Down
10. Glory Days
11. Dancing In The Dark
12. My Hometown

Response to this review by caligula): At the time I was a huge Springsteen fan, I bought the album and sure i liked it, however I soon grew tired of it, Now when I choose to play a Springsteen album, I never go near this one, I much rather prefer Born to Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town or the River. Born in the USA seemed to me like Bruce was selling out, becoming too mainstream or commercial, giving up his gritty edge style for a more watered down wider audience appeal. But thats just my opinion I'm sure I'll be in the minority.

Response to this review by Zel): There wasn't song on this album that could be coined faulty. My Hometown is soulful and beautiful and timeless really. Dancing in the Dark was fun and care free, and Born in the USA became everybody's anthem, not just for Americans. One of the best to come out of Jersey!

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