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Buckner & Garcia

Pac Man Fever (Reviewed by ironeagle1):

This CD/Album is based on the 1982 hit "Pac Man Fever" by Jerry Buckner and Gary Garcia. The song "Pac Man Fever reached number nine on the Billboard charts in 1982. Thus, it is earned the title of one of those one hit wonders that rarely hit the top 40. The hit of the song "Pac Man Fever" which was spreading in the early 1980s, prompted CBS records to ask "the boys" to make a album of their own. The album features songs based on those 80s favorite video games Frogger,Centipede,Defender,Berzerk,Donkey Kong,Mousetrap,Asteroids and of course Pac Man. Then title song "Pac Man Fever" of course became an instant hit. But their are several other songs that are really good. My personal favorites is 'Defender','Hyperspace','Ode to a Centipede', 'Do the Donkey Kong' and the best song on the album 'Pac Man Fever'. Even though the songs are really cheesy they do however represent a crucial part and culture of the 1980s. As a child, I remember whith a "pocket full of quarters" and playing Pac Man and several other video game favorites.
I even had my Atari 5200 (prelude to Nintendo)
and playing those cool games. I remember when Buckner and Garcia went on the television show "Solid Gold" to perform the song.Lastly, I strongly recommend that you are in nostalgia puchase the album which is in re-release. You can purchase it through the Pac Man Fever website which is www.bucknergarcia.com or on Amazon.com. I will gurantee those who are into 80s nostalgia will enjoy this compact disc. Thank you very much for reading this notice.

Response to this review by Iluvthe80s): I have this record on vinyl. I usually only play the song "Pac Man Fever" only. Maybe I will break it out this weekend and listen to the whole thing for the first time in a very long time.

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