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The Cassandra Complex

Cyberpunx (Reviewed by wavemeister):

The Cassandra Complex 'Cyberpunx', released in 1990 by PIAS/SPV, Gothic/Industrial

Nice Work (If You Can Get It)
Let´s Go To Europe
Happy Days (War Is Here Again)
Jihad Girl
Sunshine At Midnight
I Want You
Nightfall (Over EC)
Into The Heart
I Believe In Free Everything
What Turns You On?

The Cassandra Complex were first noticed by a wider public in Europe for their track 'One Millionth Happy Customer' on the famous compilation 'This Is Electronic Body Music' (1988), although they released numerous singles and albums before.

The term 'EBM' never suited The Cassandra Complex well, as their music is actually a mixture of Gothic, Electronics and Punk Rock. The main thematics of their songs are Sex, Technology and the twisted sides of the human community in a zynic, ironic and intelligent way, and they never were afraid to avoid a controversy with their lyrics - only their independent status saved them from being in the focus of the general hysteria caused by the PMRC in the 80s. And, they weren´t also afraid of putting sometimes heavy emotions in their songs, but almost always with a wink of the eye in either a bit 'dirty' or the known zynic way.

'Cyberpunx' is one of the best examples for their view on a world which becomes more and more a multimedia event in itself. Though a long time has passed after the recording, the whole album still sounds fresh, the tracks have a timeless and sometimes visionary quality.

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