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Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF)

Alles Wird Gut (Reviewed by wavemeister):

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF) 'Alles Wird Gut', released in 1981 on Virgin, Synthpop

Sato-Sato / Sato-Sato
Der Mussolini / The Mussolini
Rote Lippen / Red Lips
Mein Herz Macht Bum / My Heart Goes Boom
Der Räuber Und Der Prinz / The Robber And The Prince
Ich Und Die Wirklichkeit / Me And Reality
Als Wär´s Das Letzte Mal / As If It Were The Last Time
Verlier Nicht Den Kopf / Don´t Loose Your Head
Alle gegen Alle / Everybody Fights Everybody
Alles Ist Gut / Everything Is Good

Now, the Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (German American Friendship, abbr. DAF) released a record which was very controversial and left you with only two opinions - either you loved or you hated them.

The people who were partial to it claimed that this album featured a new concept which was never been heard before, with stiff beats, minimalistic instrumentation and short, breathless lyrics, and the people who disliked it said that 'Alles Ist Gut' is a collection of militaristic machoisms with the lyrics in doubtable and offending quality.

And Robert Görl and Gabi Delgado knew how to play with symbolisms, from their pithy and 'very German' appearance, strong and prominent melodies to fragmentary lyrics which followed the scheme of 'strength through simplicity'.
This image and lyrics like those featured in 'Der Mussolini' brought them in dangerous range of being accused as 'right-wings', and DAF had all trouble with explaining that it´s the symbolism and not the politics they are attracted to. Nonetheless, especially the German youth celebrated 'Der Mussolini' as a freeing blow against their parents which were most childs of this dark time (in Germany, there was a big discussion about the Nazi time and history around the early 80s).
Another controversity aroused around 'Der Räuber Und Der Prinz', as a seemingly ancient tale of the robber-and-prince turned out to be a story about homosexual attraction - in 1981, an absolute no-go zone for the public media and surely not on German radio. For these songs, DAF was banned from airplay of most stations, although they were part of a Neue Deutsche Welle-special on TV (the respective broadcasting station had to issue a public excuse after this show for the performance of 'Der Räuber...').

'Alles Wird Gut' was the only commercial success of DAF since the circumstances favoured German artists back then, and this album can be considered as a real underground classic.

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