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Def Leppard

High and Dry | Pyromania | Hysteria

High and Dry (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

This 1981 album by Def Leppard has become my favorite of all of their albums. All the songs rock on there. If you don't have this album and just have "Pyromania" or "Hysteria", give this one a spin. It's definately worth the money. My fave tracks on this album are: "Let It Go", "Bringing On The Heartbreak", and "Lady Strange".


1. Let It Go
2. Another Hit And Run
3. High 'N' Dry (Saturday Night)
4. Bringin' On The Heartbreak
5. Switch
6. You Got Me Runnin'
7. Lady Strange
8. On Through The Night
9. Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)
10. No No No
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Pyromania (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

Pyromania is the album that really put Def Leppard on the map in the states. It was considered one of 1983's best selling albums and has remained a consistent seller ever since. This album saw a transition of guitarist with Pete Willis leaving during the recording of the album. Phil Collen joined and fitted right in.
This album was ranked #62 in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Albums Of The Eighties Poll. Personally, I would have ranked it into my Top 20.

Videos such as "Foolin'", "Photograph", and "Rock Of Ages" found widespread airplay on MTV and many other video shows in 1983. The album was metal but with a more pop sound than their first few albums had. My favorite songs on this album are :"Foolin"", "Too Late For Love", and "Rock Rock (Till You Drop).


1. Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
2. Photograph
3. Stagefright
4. Too Late For Love
5. Die Hard The Hunter
6. Foolin'
7. Rock Of Ages
8. Comin' Under Fire
9. Action! Not Words
10. Billy's Got A Gun

Response to this review by caligula): I agree, I think Pyromania is the best album of the early 80's and would rank in the top 5 of all time. Pyromania and AC/DC's Back in Black were staples at every party i ever went to. we used it to ward off the Culture Club fans. Every song is good, my fav is Foolin and Photogragh, just listening to the album brings back memories of Highschool.

Response to this review by Zel): I second that! Rock of Ages and Foolin' were my two favortie but I did like Photograph too. This album was among a small few that remained a staple throughout my entire 80s experience, it has become even more meaningful now as just the most brief guitar riff can take you back in time to the exact place you heard it.

Response to this review by VioletFoxx): I definately agree, Pyromania is one of the best albums of all time in my world. I still think it's their best effort to date, though I love many of the things that came after. Fav tracks for me are Photgraph and Stagefright. And you couldn't go to a party and not hear something off this one. It was great..
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Hysteria (Reviewed by ValJ):

If you haven't heard at least one song from this album...where the hell have you been??? LOL
This album was years in the making, waiting on Rick Allen to get back to drumming after losing an arm in a car accident. It could have been the death of the band, waiting to put the album out, but was ironically their biggest album to date.

Hits Include:
Love Bites
PourSome Sugar On Me
Armageddon It

Other Tracks:
Gods Of War
Don't Shoot Shotgun
Run Riot
Love and Affection

My personal favorite from this album would have to be Excitable. It's upbeat, and it just makes you feel great. If you like your rock with some sexy overatures and fun undertones, then BUY THIS!!

Response to this review by Mad Dog: I know most people love this album, but I absolutely hate it. It sounds too electronic and cold for me. Give me High n Dry or Pyromania anyday.

Response to this review by Iluvthe80s: This is a good album. The only problem was that the singles off this album were overplayed.

Response to this review by Shabooh: This album is the 1980s at its finest. Its a little on the commercial side(after all, look who produced it) but it closed out the 80s spending well over a year in the top 40 and had a run of almost 2 years. I still remember "love Bites" and "Never Tear us apart" by INXS fighting for the number 1 position on my local charts in October of 1988. It might not have the raw edge of Pyro or the albums before it but this was the height of the bands career after all.

And then adrenelize came out in April of 1992. Ugh.

This disc brings back memories of my youth and many repeated listens drinking beer around a fire that we would sneak off too. Not a bad song on it(except the previous post saying that some was overplayed which is so true)and with over an hour of music you needn't had to change the disc. Oh yeah, I still listened to the cassette then. Auto Reverse was a wonderful thing!

Response to this review by Zel: Pyromania was their best but I wouldnt' trade this LP for the world. Along with these great tracks serves a memory of a drive, a friend, a lover, an moment. This is one of those cd's that can take you back in time feeling the soft fall wind on your cheeks and scent of rain in the air. Anyone throwing a half decent party during this time had to have this album handy for it to be a great night.

Response to this review by caligula: I loved Pyromania, so I was extremely excited for the release of Hysteria, and yes I liked it, still do to some extent, but man they really overplayed the singles especially Poor Some Sugar on Me. They beat that song to death like a rented mule.

Response to this review by Gman: Spring Break: 1 Week
Le Baron Convertible: 14K
One CD: Def Leapord's Hysteria
Driving Up and Down the Beach Blaring the One CD Over and Over Again: Priceless

Response to this review by VioletFoxx: Hysteria was a great album, but I'd never trade my copy of Pyromania for it. The hits were way overplayed, but I still turn em up whenever I hear em.

Response to this review by Recker: I couldn't quite get into Def Leppard, but Hysteria was a good song.
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