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Duran Duran

Rio | Seven and the Ragged Tiger | Duran Duran

Rio (Reviewed by DarkWave):

Duran Duran will always be for me one of the most underrated band ever. They have a solid body of work. They were and still 20 years later much more than just an haircut band. Rio is their most important album between the year 81 and 85. With this album, Nick Rhodes, Simon Lebon,Roger Taylor and Andy Taylor, John Taylor truly capture the spirit of the "new wave" or early 80s music. Every songs is a joy to listen. The album have age very well and is now a classic of the genre. This is a must for any 80s lover and one of my all-time favorite. Favorite track? The Chauffeur

1. Rio
2. My Own Way
3. Lonely In Your Nightmare
4. Hungry Like The Wolf
5. Hold Back The Rain
6. New Religion
7. Last Chance On The Stairway
8. Save A Prayer
9. The Chauffeur

Response to this review by Iluvthe80s): I agree! Duran Duran were always underrated. They were more than just good looking guys. Simon Le Bon's lyrics were some of the best poetry I ever heard. Andy has always been an underrated guitarist too. My favorite songs off the album are: "Last Chance On The Stairway", "New Religion", and "Hold Back The Rain".

Response to this review by Roemello): Rio was definitely an awesome album...I think it was the first I got and for quite a while, was my absolute favorite (until Seven & The Ragged Tiger drew me in). My favorite track would have to be 'Hungry Like the Wolf'...when it comes to women, that's how I am...LOL 'Rio' is probably my second favorite with the underrated 'Last Chance on the Stairway' close behind.

Overall....awesome album. The only song I didn't care too much for was 'New Religion', but the rest I could listen to over and over.

Response to this review by Jen85): ...and "New Religion" is one of my favorites on the album. This is the only (please don't shoot me) D2 album I had. Actually, I had the cassette, which I wore out.
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Seven and the Ragged Tiger (Reviewed by Roemello):

Ok, I'm not real good with this whole review thing, but I just GOTTA get this one in the mix! For the longest time, "Rio" was my fave album by these guys, but after listening to 'Seven and the Ragged Tiger' (1983) a couple times through, it kinda grew on me...the odd little album that it is and now it's without a doubt my absolute favorite from these guys.
Of course you got the hits like "The Reflex" (went #1 on the charts), "New Moon on Monday" (went #10 on the charts), and "Union of the Snake" (went #3 on the charts)...but the 'non-hits' are just as good and in some cases better!

"Of Crime and Passion" is probably my favorite of 'em all with "Shadows on Your Side" and "The Seventh Stranger" right behind.

In my opinion it's their best album done and a definite must have for any 80's music fan

As is customary with the reviews, here's the track list:

1. The Reflex
2. New Moon on Monday
3. (I'm Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement
4. I Take the Dice
5. Of Crime and Passion
6. Union of the Snake
7. Shadows on Your Side
8. Tiger Tiger
9. The Seventh Stranger

Response to this review by Iluvthe80s): I totally agree! I have to admit it is probably in my Top 10 of favorite 80's albums. My fave tracks are: "Of Crime And Passion", "The Seventh Stranger", and "Union Of The Snake".
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Duran Duran (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

This album was Duran Duran's debut album. Depending on where you live in the world there was two different copies. The first pressing in 1981 contained the song "To The Shore". The second pressing released in 1983 contained the song "Is There Something I Should Know" and minused "To The Shore".
This album has a great example of the New Romantic sound. Simon LeBon's lyrics again are some of the best poetry around. This album may not be as flashy as some of their later work, but it is a definately must-have for an 80's collection. My favorite songs on this album are: "Sound Of Thunder", "Is There Anyone Out There?", and "Friends Of Mine".

Tracks (1983 version):

1. Girls On Film
2. Planet Earth
3. Is There Anyone Out There?
4. Careless Memories
5. Is There Something I Should Know?
6. (Waiting For The) Night Boat
7. Sound Of Thunder
8. Friends Of Mine
9. Tel Aviv

Response to this review by Roemello): This is one I keep putting off getting because of uncertainty as to what's on it and how good it is overall. I have the songs, "Girls on Film", "Planet Earth" and "Is There Something I Should Know" off the 'Greatest' and 'Decade' compilations...three good tunes right there I like. Sounds like it's worth grabbing to me....think I'll snatch it up on BMG's next big sale.
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