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Gary Numan

Best of 1979-1983 | Telekon

Best of 1979-1983 (Reviewed by wavemeister):

Gary Numan 'Best Of 1979-1983' DCD, released by Beggars Banquet 1993, Synthpop

Cars (Original Version)
We Are Glass
Are 'Friends' Electric
My Love Is A Liquid
Music For Chameleons
Me I Disconnect From You
Love Needs No Disguise
The Joy Circuit
We Are So Fragile
That´s Too Bad
Everyday I Die
Oh Broadway
Please Push No More

Cars (´93 Sprint)
We Take Mysteries To Bed
I Die, You Die
Down In The Park
She´s Got Claws
Stormtroopers In Drag
My Shadow In Vain
This Wreckage
Sister Surprise
You Are In My Vision
I´m An Agent
White Boys And Heroes
The Life Machine
My Centurion
Remember, I Was Vapour

This DCD is giving you the complete overview on the works of Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army from this era, from the first single 'That´s Too Bad' to the album 'Warriors'. It features the most successful tracks like 'Cars' and 'Down In The Park' as well as rare releases like 'On Broadway' and B-sides.
You can follow the evolution from the beginnings when the Tubeway Army had a definitive Punk edge to the cold and mechanical tunes which are so typical for Gary Numan.

This compilation belongs of the most essential releases of Synthpop, for starters who wanted to be introduced into the music of Gary Numan as well as for collectors.
'Best Of 1979-1983' features a booklet which will give you an exact history and personal notes of the artist, but unfortunately, the print is that small that you almost need magnifying glasses to read it.

Response to this review by DarkWave: Being a huge fan of synth pop, Gary Numan is a GOD to me, well for music! He is simply awesome. My favorite album is Telekon.
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Telekon (Reviewed by DarkWave):

Ok, now this is very personal. Telekon is the album that got me first into New Wave and synth pop music. After Numan had done great works on "The Pleasure Principle" and other albums, he created is masterpiece, Telekon. Beautiful, well-written lyrics, powerful and intelligent, this album is highly underrated amongs music's critics. It is one of the most important album of the new wave era. I will forever be touched by Numan's music. Here are my favorite songs: The Aircrash Bureau, We Are Glass, I Dream Of Wires, The Joy Circuit, I Die you Die...well I could name them all. Numan is the master of synth pop/New Wave...for me.

1. This Wreckage
2. The Aircrash Bureau
3. Telekon
4. Remind Me To Smile
5. Sleep By Windows
6. We Are Glass
7. I'm An Agent
8. I Dream Of Wires
9. Remember I Was Vapour
10. Please Push No More
11. The Joy Circuit
12. I Die: You Die (Alternate Version)
13. A Game Called Echo
14. Photograph
15. Down In The Park (Piano Version)
16. Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement)

Response to this review by Sonny Burnett: You are correct about Gary Numan. "The Pleasure Principle" was my first New Wave album.
The best thing about Numan is that he is still making music. The CD he released last year "Pure" is great. It stayed in my CD player for about a month.
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