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Guns 'n Roses

Appetite for Destruction (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

I think almost anybody will agree that this 1987 release is a classic album. It is a powerful record that lives on to this day. The music is dirty, dangerous, and mean which makes for good headbanging music. Some critics have described it as "bluesy, metallic hard rock". The album contains 12 tracks with 3 that were singles: "Welcome To The Jungle", "Paradise City", "Sweet Child O' Mine".

Some of my faves from the album are: "Sweet Child O' Mine", "Think About You", and "Rocket Queen". This is one of those albums that you can play the whole CD without having to skip a track. Definately a "must have" for any hard rock/metal collection.

Response to this review by djdaffy1227: I think G N R was a very talented band. I just couldn't stand Axl Rose's voice. It was so screachy! I did really like "Sweet child o' mine" beautiful lyrics. It was written for Erin Everly, who was the daughter of Don Everly from the Everly Brothers. Axl was dating her at the time. Take a listen sometime to Izzy Stradlin and the Juju Hounds and Slash's Snakepit to hear these artists at their best.

Response to this review by Roemello: Without a doubt, this one's a major classic. It's one of those rare albums where it's so much deeper in quality than the hit singles..."It's So Easy" is probably my favorite track off of this one with "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Think About You" trailing right behind. Add to that "Mr. Brownstone", "My Michelle", "Sweet Child O' Mine" and you got a MUST HAVE for any 80's rocker.

Response to this review by VioletFoxx: Definately a classic! I remember when this came out I thought, "Man, this is the kick in the ass rock so deseprately needs right now." Every track is great, it still has the same power today that it did then, and I still love it just as much. By far, my fav is Rocket Queen. That bass at the end is soooo cool. Sends shivers down my spine, not so much for the talent as for the heart and feel. Now I have to go pop it in the cd player!

Response to this review by caligula: Excellent album it went against the grain at that time with all the hair bands debuting.

Response to this review by Trixter: Truly a classic! The energy of this album was never reached again, in my opinion, by the group. I don't know if it was inner turmoil the group was going through, who knows. "Welcome To The Jungle" had me hooked! This song kicked ASS! "Paradise City" is my second favorite track, but I wasn't too crazy about "Sweet Child O' Mine", it just didn't do it for me. This is a MUST HAVE in any collection!

Response to this review by Cartoon_Chris: With one of the best metal debuts of the '80s, GnR seemed poised to be the new Aerosmith and gave some much-needed danger to the safe and overcommercialized metal scene of the late '80s, colossal jerk status of Axl Rose just adding fuel to the media fire.

Released in July 1987, "Appetite for Destruction" was out for quite a few months before it picked up, but once "Sweet Child O' Mine" started getting played I remember how different this band was from everyone else. It doesn't feel like a debut; usually a band like this would do a couple of raw and simple albums before trying something as slick and ambitious as AFD. Despite the polish this music is still rooted very much in the more timeless rock of the '70s, another break from the rock scene of the time and probably a big reason why this album doesn't sound all that dated today.

Heroin-addict groove rocker "Mr. Brownstone" is my favourite track here, but there really aren't any totally bad ones. The quick burnout of band members, long layoff between the "Use Your Illusion" follow-up, and the immediate desire to branch wayyyy out on said follow-up all combine to make this record sort of stand alone. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Response to this review by TopCat: I listened to this other day while in the tanning bed. I forgot how great it was!

Response to this review by angeleyes25: My favorites are Welcome To The Jungle and Paradise City.

Response to this review by *lilith*: i agree with cartoon chris, metal in the eighties was soo uncool until these guys turned up. i think they kinda paved the way for other metal bands like faith no more to get more popular.. appetite for destruction was one of the first albums i bought myself other than my mam buying them for me!!

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