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Heart (Reviewed by Trixter):

The Seattle sisters Ann & Nancy Wilson are true rockers in every sense of the word! Since the mid 70's these sisters have been perfecting their sound and giving fans deletable ear candy. Ann's voice can go from a whisper to a scream and then back again! Nancy's rockin' riffs and harmonizing are Heart's distinctive trademark. In 1985, the duo along with their bandmates released their self-titled album "Heart". This album was a definate hitmaker for the team, but also was considered a sell-out by the band itself. Pressures of the label and inner turmoil would soon takes it's toll on the band in the early 90's. Glitzy and Glamourous were unwantingly the bands "new" image in photo shoots, album covers and videos, but this laborious change could not overshadow the groups infectious sound. Songs like "What About Love", "Never" and "If Looks Could Kill" showcased the talents of banshee-voiced Ann Wilson. Interesting bit of trivia here, Heart's hit song "These Dreams" which appeard on this album, was offered to Stevie Nicks first, but she graciously declined. Heart obtained the song and the chart position. Rock on ladies!!!

1) The Wolf
2) What About Love
3) Never
4) These Dreams
5) If Looks Could Kill
6) All Eyes
7) Nothin' At All
8) Nobody Home
9) What He Don't Know
10) Shell Shock

Response to this review by Iluvthe80s): It is a great album! I have this one still on vinyl. My favorite songs from this album are: "If Looks Could Kill", "These Dreams", and "Nothin' At All".

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