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Heroes Del Silencio

Senderos De Traición (Reviewed by Wavemeister):

Heroes Del Silencio 'Senderos De Traición', released in 1990 on EMI, Rock / Goth

Entre Dos Tierras
Maldito Duende
La Carta
Malas Intenciones
Con Nombre De Guerra
El Cuadro II

Though being released in Europe 1990, 'Entre Dos Tierras' is a track which can be found on some 80s compilations.
The Heroes Del Silencio (Heroes Of Silence), based in Spain, were the mediterrain link between bands like The Cult and the Sisters Of Mercy. Since the founding in 1987, they soon gained a loyal followership, first in their native country. This changed with the release of 'Senderos De Traición' (Ways Of Betrayal), as this album spawned a hit in Spain and Germany with the single 'Entre Dos Tierras'.

With touring especially in Spain and Germany, they became known to a wider audience, but although all their releases were highly acclaimed by the critics, 'Senderos De Traición' remained their only successful album outside Spain.
Despite of the similarites to bands like The Cult, they never sound like a rip-off. As they always integrate their own sounds and origins, the Heroes Del Silencio proves to be a pretty unique export of this country.

If you want to listen to something different apart of all the Enriqués and Rickys of this world, you should give this album a try.

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