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Inner City

Paradise Remixed (Reviewed by wavemeister):

Inner City 'Paradise Remixed', released in 1990 by Ten Records, House / Freestyle

Big Fun (Magic Juan Mix)
Good Life (Steve Silk Hurley Remix)
Ain´t Nobody Better (Groove Corporation Remix)
Do You Love What You Feel (Magic Juan´s Smoking Remix)
Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin' (Def Mix)
House Fever (Duane Bradley Remix)
The Paradise Megamix

Inner City formed in 1987 when Kevin Saunderson, producing hardhitting Techno House in his basement while attending college, was in need for a voice of a track. By recommendation of Chicago producer Terry Jackson, Paris Grey teamed up with Kevin Saunderson - 'Big Fun' was born. This single charted worldwide via the 'small' deroute of the British charts, and Detroit House was introduced to a larger audience.
This technoid music was tailored to the mainstream clubbers, and so it was no wonder that it had a big impact on the dancefloors, other hits like 'Good Life' and 'Ain´t Nobody Better' followed.

The first album 'Paradise' (titled 'Big Fun' for the US) did also well in the European charts though failing to enter the US pop charts, and 'Paradise Remixed' added more spice to the original versions.
After being forced by Virgin to alter their style to became a US version of Soul II Soul, the star of Inner City began to descend, and with the third album 'Praise' Kevin Saunderson decided to put this collaboration on hold and went back to his roots with the Reese Projects and other remix works.

Although Detroit House is largely gone from the charts and the minds, it had a great influence of other genres like the Technopop of the 90s which are still noticable, and Inner City were one of the main reasons for that.

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