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Shabooh Shoobah (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

This was the third studio album for the Australian band INXS. The first album to really be noticed in the States. It spawned two videos that got airplay on MTV "Don't Change" and "The One Thing".
This 10 track album is a more deep and dark INXS before they became pop mainstream in the mid '80's. A very good album for any INXS fan or 80's fan. My fave picks for the album are: "Don't Change", "The One Thing" , and "To Look At You".


1. The One Thing
2. To Look At You
3. Spy Of Love
4. Soul Mistake
5. Here Comes
6. Black And White
7. Golden Playpen
8. Jan's Song
9. Old World, New World
10. Don't Change

Response to this review by Shabooh): This disc is absolute genius. I find with more and more listens and over many years it just grows on you. Most radio DJs cite this as their favorite INXS cd and one of their favorites, period.
I purchased this in sept of 1988. I jumped on the INXS train with the KICK album and bought up what I could. This had already been out for 5 years and at first listen I was quite taken aback at what I had just heard. Quite unusual. But I did like Don't Change, To Look at You and The One Thing. With that, within a half a year I was really enjoying the sounds. It feels like nothings forced and it all flows together. I think the best albums are ones that suit any mood and this is a prime example.

For all the INXS collectors out there a 4 song EP was released called Dekadance that has remixed versions of Black and White, To look at you, the One thing and Here Comes. This is not to be confused with the EP of the same name "Dekadance" that had some remakes from the album "The Swing". A couple of these songs(Here Comes and Black and White) can be found also on the 2 disc INXS anthology that was relesed June 2001. I'm not one for remixes but these are very well done and add "depth" to the songs.

This is INXS's finest work, especially in their first decade. Its not too accessable at first but with time it just grows. And in the end, those are always the best listens.

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