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Like a Prayer | True Blue | Like a Virgin

Like a Prayer (Reviewed by DarkWave):

By far, her most emotional and why not...her greatest 80s albums, Like A Prayer released on March, 21, 1989 had the effect of a bomb with songs like Express Yourself and Cherish. Many consider and I do that this is her greatest album ever made, most personal and beautiful. This album is a personal of mine, I have fond memories for this music. Just LOVE IT...all the songs.

Remember that back in those days, videos like Like A Prayer were making scandals...

Back to this album, for me, pop music never got really better than this. A classic and a must for any music lovers.

1. Like A Prayer
2. Express Yourself
3. Love Song
4. Till Death Do Us Part
5. Promise To Try
6. Cherish
7. Dear Jessie
8. Oh Father
9. Keep It Together
10. Spanish Eyes
11. Act Of Contrition

Response to this review by 80sTrivia: Like a Prayer is my favorite Madonna album, too. It was her most introspective and daring album of the 80s and certainly has more than its share of memorable hits. I plan on buying her Greatest Hits, volume II.

Response to this review by jen*: Oh Father is one of my absolute faves on that album and I really liked Dear Jesse too.

Response to this review by Zel: This was and still is one of my least favorite Madonna albums. Sorry but if I had to choose 3 albums it would be the first two and Ray of Light. There are some good songs but usually a Madonna album has me from start to finish - not so for this one.

Response to this review by Trixter: Like A Prayer is beautiful invitation for the spectrum of our senses and also reinforces our right to stand up for ourselves and what we, as human beings, believe in. Madonna has sucessfully conveyed her message of joy and hope, redemption and salvation.

Response to this review by djdaffy1227: I couldn't let this topic go without mentioning that Prince sings with her on "Love song". I can't believe it was never a single.

Response to this review by Gman: Madonna made boys want to become men in the 80s. Hell, she's still workin' on this ol' boy!

Response to this review by Flix: The Prince collaboration is the highlight of this album. It should have been a single! I think the songs work well together as a whole album. I like her newer stuff better, but this is the best of her 80's albums.

Response to this review by efan78: Jen* I agree, Dear Jessie and Oh Father are the highlights of this album. I think the fact that she mixed her Popular image, and her own vulnerability together was one of the best moves she made, allowing her to be a star and a person together.
Only problem is Act of Contrition - what's going on there?
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True Blue (Reviewed by Trixter):

Madonna developed a mature approach to this album. Her vocals deepened and she began to deal with social issues. Madonna got her first taste of controversy from this album, e.g. "Papa Don't Preach". True Blue marks the debut of producer Pat Leonard. I think Pat Leonard helped Madonna write some of her most beautiful songs, such as "Live To Tell"and "La Isla Bonita". The album is drenched with feelings of love and happiness, and why not, Madonna WAS in love! Dedication reads "Dedicated to my husband, the coolest guy in the Universe".
Track Listing:
1) Papa Don't Preach
2) Open Your Heart
3) White Heat
4) Live To Tell
5) Where's The Party
6) True Blue
7) La Isla Bonita
8) Jimmy, Jimmy
9) Love Makes The World Go Round

This album was recently remastered in early 2001 and now includes two bonus tracks plus the above tracks. These are the two bonus tracks:

10) True Blue (The Color Mix)
11) La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix)

'True Blue' is a must have in any 80's collection. -- "Where's the party" --
right here, indeed!

Response to this review by DarkWave: great review! One of my favorite songs of all-time, Live To tell, truly beautiful!

Response to this review by Recker: This album contains some of the best Madonna songs since "Get into the Groove"!

Response to this review by Trixter: Thanks DarkWave. Live To Tell has got to be one of the most beautiful songs ever written!!

Response to this review by 80sTrivia: True Blue will always be my favorite album from Madonna. It's simply pop perfection, as far as I'm concerned, and it showed so much growth and maturity from her Like a Virgin album. "Open Your Heart" will always be my favorite song from Madonna. And, luckily for me, her portrait from the sleeve of True Blue is on the cover of my book.
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Like a Virgin (Reviewed by Trixter):

In November 1984 Madonna released her sophomore album titled "Like A Virgin". This is the album responsible for creating and cementing her career. "Like A Virgin" contained a mixture of bouncy pop and sappy ballads. Produced by friend Nile Rodgers, Madonna couldn't miss. The title song "Like A Virgin", created a little controversy in the industry, but it couldn't overshadow the mega-star Madonna was about to become. "Material Girl", following the enormous success of 'Virgin', gave society a definition of the '80's lady', and saddled Madonna with this nickname to present day. A shining track on the album is the remake of Rose Royce's ballad "Love Don't Live Here Anymore". Madonna gives it her own touch with an over-the-top vocal presentation and breathy abandonment.
"Like A Virgin" spawned four top 5 hits, 'Like A Virgin'(#1), 'Material Girl'(#2), 'Angel'(#5) and 'Dress You Up'(#5), and two gold singles: 'Like A Virgin' and 'Angel'. Two other singles, from soundtracks, helped fuel "Like A Virgin" and Madonna's popularity during this time. "Crazy For You"(#1, gold) and "Into The Groove". The album itself reached the #1 spot on Billboard.
"Like A Virgin", accompanying video clips, two movies, two soundtrack singles, and the "Virgin Tour" helped created a Madonna frenzy, 'Wannabe's' were born. Women and girls, copied Madonna's fashion sense, they were emulating their idol. Guys, on the other hand, were having their fantasies fulfilled.


Like A Virgin
Material Girl
Over And Over
Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Dress You Up

Due to it's popularity, some foreign markets added, "Into The Groove" to the tracklisting. Also, in 2001 "Like A Virgin" was remastered and two dance remix tracks were added:

Like A Virgin (Extended Dance Remix)
Material Girl (Extended Dance Remix)

In conclusion, "Like A Virgin" helped define the 80's and has remained, to this day, a top international seller.

Response to this review by Nikki_91: Madonna said she wanted to rule the world..here we are almost 20 years later and anticipating what the Material Girl will come up with next. Like a Virgin was only the beginning of her career..little did we know then that there was more to come.
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