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The Mission UK

Children (Reviewed by Flix):

Artist: The Mission UK
Album: Children
Year: 1988
Genre: Goth Rock
Label: Mercury/Polygram
Beyond The Pale 7:49
A Wing And A Prayer 3:42
Heaven On Earth 5:16
Tower Of Strength 8:08
Kingdom Come 4:48
Breathe 1:23
Child’s Play 3:39
Shamera Kye 0:35
Black Mountain Mist 2:54
Heat 5:15
Hymn (For America) 5:58

CD Bonus Tracks:
Dream On 3:56 (Cover version of Aerosmith song)
Fabienne 3:40

The Mission are Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams, Simon Hinkler and Mick Brown. Wayne Hussey was briefly a member of Dead or Alive before joining Craig Adams and the rest of Sisters of Mercy. Hussey and Adams left Sisters of Mercy in 1985 to form the band Sisterhood. They were later forced to change their bandname since Sisterhood was the name of the Sisters of Mercy fanclub. They announced the name The Mission in 1986. The band is known as The Mission UK in the US, because of a Philadelphia R&B band named The Mission.

Two years later The Mission releases this album, their third, after enjoying chart successes in Europe with their first two albums: God’s Own Medicine and The First Chapter. Tower of Strength is the first single of the album. It did very well in Europe (#12 in the UK) and got some recognition in the US. Only other single of the album is Beyond The Pale. The single reaches #32 in the UK charts.

Later that year The Mission goes on a US tour where they are supporting Robert Plant. The album is produced by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin fame. Although this album is their most prolific sounding – it fails to reach #1 in the UK. The album peaks at the #2 spot in the UK.

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