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New Model Army

History - The Singles 85-91 (Reviewed by wavemeister):

New Model Army 'History - The Singles 85 - 91', released 1992 on EMI, Folk Rock / Punk

No Rest
Better Than Them
Brave New World
51st State
Poison Street
White Coats
Stupid Questions
Green And Grey
Get Me Out
Space (Live)
Far Better Thing
Higher Wall

From their beginnings on, the New Model Army (named after the English revolutionary army of Oliver Cromwell) were respected for their working class-ethics and uncompromised views on politics which never bowed to anything.
With the interesting mixture of melodic punk, frequent acoustic parts, occasional folk and the charismatic voice of fronter Justin Sullivan, they were able to gather a small but loyal followership, and especially their concerts are events which shouldn´t be missed.

'History' features their single outtakes from five albums recoded from 1985 - 1991, among them the probably best known tracks '51st State' and 'Vagabonds' as well as the pure and angry outbursts of 'No Rest' and 'Get Me Out', not to forget the almost goth-like 'White Coat'.
Surely nothing for the mainstream listener, this compilation offers a good entry and overview of this interesting and underrated band.

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