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Nick Kershaw - Human Racing

Human Racing (Reviewed by wavemeister):

Nik Kershaw 'Human Racing', released in 1984 on MCA, Pop


Dancing Girls (3.47)
Wouldn´t It Be Good (4.31)
Drum Talk (3.10)
Bogart (4.38)
Gone To Pieces (3.09)
Shame On You (3.35)
Cloak And Dagger (4.54)
Faces (4.04)
I Won´t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (3.21)
Human Racing (4.28)

With the release of 'Human Racing', a 3-year hiatus in the musical career of Nik Kershaw ended in a very successful way.

The first single after the release of the album, 'I Won´t Let...' charted in the UK, and the big breakthrough in Europe and the US came with 'Wouldn´t It Be Good'. This single charted in the UK on a #4 and in Germany on #2. The album itself went to multi-platinum in several countries and spawned another hit single, 'Dancing Girls'.
The follow-up album 'Don Quixote' saw another hit outtakes, 'Wide Boy' and 'The Riddle', but with the third album 'Radio Musicola', the link was broken, and although it featured a lot of irresistible songs again, Nik Kershaw wasn´t able to repeat the success of the predecessors.

'Human Racing' is a perfect pop recording, with quirky danceable tunes, mellow melodies and deep and meaningful lyrics. This album can be listened entirely without the use of the skip button - each track is a precious little gem for itself.
With this single album, Nik Kershaw became an icon of the 80s. Featuring the unforgettable classics, 'Human Racing' deserves a place in the archives of every collector of 80s popmusic.

Response to this review by Steve Chase): Indeed it was a very good album, and a must for any 80's pop fanatic.
Nik Kershaw is now as popular as he has ever been in the UK, and is now touring again. He often appears on 80's TV shows and quizzes, and perhaps his greatest asset is that he has the ability to look back and have a laugh at it all. A really nice guy (with hardly any hair now!).

Response to this review by Iluvthe80s): I have this album and I really like it. My favorite songs are "Dancing Girls" and "Wouldn't It Be Good".

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