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Night Ranger

Midnight Madness (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

Night Ranger's second album "Midnight Madness" was the album that was a commercial breakthrough for them. With the singles, "Sister Christian", "When You Close Your Eyes", and of course the hard driving "(You Can Still) Rock In America" they made theirselves known.
This album is another pop/metal album great. It has your ballads and your rocking songs. My picks for this album are: "(You Can Still) Rock In America", "Rumours In The Air", and "Chipping Away".


1. (You Can Still) Rock In America
2. Rumours In The Air
3. Why Does Love Have To Change
4. Sister Christian
5. Touch Of Madness
6. Passion Play
7. When You Close Your Eyes
8. Chipping Away
9. Let Him Run

Response to this review by Zel): What I really loved about Night Ranger wasn't just about the great sound and feelings they created. Their lyrics always entailed some sort of story...
There's a story in your eyes
Turn the pages of desire...
These guys knew how to write great songs that went straight to my heart

Response to this review by ValJ): I agree, this was one great album. I am also glad to see that you picked 'Chipping Away' as one of your faves, Iluvthe80s. I think when it comes to their hits, everyone wants to pick 'Sister Christian' as being the best on this album.

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