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Pet Shop Boys

Please (Reviewed by NewRomantic):

The first Pet Shop Boys album was released in 1986 and was called "please" so that buyers '...could go to the record store and ask for the pet Shop Boys album, please...'. Please featured their first hit, West End Girls, with it's spoken "rap" style lyrics.
Neil Tennant's wimpy English voice are strangely approporiate for this hi-energy pop music.

For me, there is no track skipping on this album. It opens with Two divided by Zero, a track originally inspired by a talking calculator (I think!) that Neil Tennant bought his father and continues with the typically PSB sound of the mid '80's. Personally, I really like Opportunities; Sububia and I Want A Lover.

If your are looking for a full synth sounding feet tapping album that, in my respectful submission, requires no track skipping, then this album is for you.

The re-mastered album with a second disc containing B-sides and rare tracks and a booklet with information about the original tracks and B-sides, is a must for true fans or those who are interested in "trainspotting" (or is that PSB spotting??) information.

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