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Controversy (Reviewed by djdaffy1227):

This 1981 album was Prince's 4th album (not including 1977's Minneapolis Genius by 94 East featuring Prince). Prince wrote, produced, arranged and played every instrument on the album.
Side one starts with the title track that takes on subjects as varied as racism, homosexuality, and politics. He asks the questions "Am I black or white? Am I straight or gay?" Questions many people still ask to this day, making it a timeless classic. The song was even used on an early episode of "Different Strokes". A 7 minute barnburner that was #1 on the R&B charts and that you can dance to! This song was re-released in the UK to promote the album "The hits/the b-sides"

Next song is "Sexuality". Not quite as powerful as "Controversy" but a great tune nontheless. It would be one of the first videos by a black artist on MTV.

Next we have "Do me baby". A very sweet ballad about a subject Prince loves to cover in his songs. starting off with the line "Here we are in this big old empty room, staring each other down, looking for a reason for you to lay me down". You just know it's gonna get good. Melis'a Morgan took her version of the song to #1 on the R&B charts and top 50 on the pop charts.

side one only has three songs but is still 20:00 minutes in duration.

side two starts with "Private Joy". A song about a personal love "slave" and the fun they have together. LaToya Jackson covered this song on one of her albums(gag)

"Let's work" is the next song. One of my all time favorite Prince singles. This was the first official Prince 12" single released in the states. It has a value of over $100 (I bought mine at the used store for $18). It is sought after by collectors because the 12" had "Gotta stop (messin' about)" on the b-side. The first of many, not available on any album b-side tracks by Prince. (although it was released as an a-side in the UK)

Next we have "Ronnie talk to Russia" the b-side for the 45 of "Let's work". It kind of dates itself but it is still a really fun song that talks about nuclear war and guerillas in the zoo (yes, I said fun). "Ronnie talk to Russia before it's too late, before it's too late, before we blow up the world". He even goes as far as to tell Ronald Reagan "Don't say I didn't warn ya"

The next song is "Annie Christian". My personal favorite non released album track by Prince. It's a song dealing with the anti-christ and the Revelation.(Annie Christian, say it fast and you'll understand) He sings "Annie Christian, Annie Christ until you're crusified, I'll live my life in a taxi cab". Very profound if you ask me.

The album ends with "Jack you off". I'll never forget hearing this on an episode of Phil Donahue talking about raunchy rock lyrics and the PMRC. I think the title says it all,

All the songs on side two run right into each other seamlessly. Only Prince could take two subjects like sex and politics, mix them together and make it work!

Not one of his more popular albums, but in my mind it was his best, ranking up there with "Sign o' the times" and "1999". He only deals with a couple of subjects (As per usual), sex and politics, but he handles them in a way nobody else can. A true classic in my mind.Plus if you buy the original vinyl copy you get a promotional poster (which I have) that makes the album worth a little bit more money.

Take my advice and buy this album! You won't be sorry.

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