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A Secret Wish (Reviewed by DarkWave):

In my Top 5 albums of all-time, this highly underrated album is one of the best new wave, synth pop in the history of music. Taking the influence in artists like Gary Numan, Kraftwerk and many others, Propaganda gives us a magical, wonderful experience to enjoy over and over again, I love this album very much, "P-Machinery" used to be played on MTV. If you don't have this one, I urge you to buy it right now! a masterpiece if you're into new wave and electronic music.

1. Dream Within A Dream
2. The Murder Of Love
3. Jewel
4. Duel
5. Frozen Faces
6. P-Machinery
7. Sorry For Laughing
8. Dr. Mabuse
9. The Chase
10. Strength To Dream

Response to this review by wavemeister): Once again, I have to agree. Seems that´s now the time that the synthpop-fans are finally coming out of their holes. About the influences...no wonder, as two of the Propaganda members were part of Die Krupps which had just dissolved for the first time.

Response to this review by SurlyOne): I agree, this is a brilliant album. "Dr. Mabuse" also kicks ass! I played "P-Machinery" one night when I DJ'ed in NYC last summer, the place went nuts.

Response to this review by Bogie): Terrific record!

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