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Robert Plant

Pictures at Eleven (Reviewed by TopCat):

I'm gonna give this a try...

From the Detroit News July 25, 1982
By Jim McFarlin

Plant stays Rooted in Led Zep

This just in: Former Led Zeppelin lead singer arrives in Amderia with a confining and unimaginative solo LP--Pictures At Eleven. While Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page went off to make movie soundtracks after the 1980 death of drummer John Bonham led to the demise of the world's most revered hard rock unit. Plant is electing to stay rooted in all-too familiar musical surroundings. Commercially it's working. Pictures At Eleven may be the hottest album in the county particularly in the rock-religious Midwest and East. Much of that early spurge is due to standing respect for Led Zeppelin. I always thought Plant's voice capable of more subtle shakings than the primal whine which became his trademark, and the bright little throwaway Fat Lip fuels the notion. But it's a brief flicker, the remainder is simply Zep reinflated with Robbie Blunt copping Page's riffs and stonewall drumming from Cozy Powell and Genesis' Phil Collins. Of special interest is a track titled Worse Than Detroit. Incredibly it's not a putdown: The "Hello Operator" line reportedly was inspired by a young woman with whom Plant once fell in love with during a tour stop here.

I like this CD. Haven't listened to it in awhile. IMO, he got better as his solo career went forward.

Released June 28, 1982

Guitars-Robbie Blunt
Bass-Paul Martinez
Keyboards & Synths-Jezz Woodroffe
Drums-Phil Collins & Cozy Powell*

Produced By Robert Plant
Engineered by Pat Moran
Mixed by Pat & Robert
Assisted by Benji Lefeure & Robbie & Jezz
Recorded at Rockfield Studios Monmuth

1.Burning Down One Side
2.Moonlight In Samosa
3.Pledge Pin
4.Slow Dancer*
5.Worse Than Detroit
6.Fat Lip
7.Like I've Never Been Gone*
8.Mystery Title

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