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Sisters of Mercy

Floodland (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

My sister is the one that actually got me hooked on The Sisters Of Mercy being the big goth fan she is. 1987's "Floodland" was The Sisters Of Mercy at their best.
The opening starts out with a driving two part hymn "Dominion/Mother Russia". It also has slower tracks such as "1959" and "Flood". "This Corrosion" is a very orchestrated song with The New York Choral Society making an appearance in the song. Jim Steinman (Meatloaf writer/producer) produces this song and also on the song "Dominion/Mother Russia" along with Andrew Eldritch (the lead singer of Sisters Of Mercy).

This is a great goth album for anyone. It has a taste of hard rock/metal but definately all the way gothic. My favorite tracks on the album are: "This Corrosion", "Lucretia", and "Dominion/Mother Russia".


1. Dominion
2. Mother Russia
3. Flood 1
4. Lucretia
5. 1959
6. This Corrosion
7. Flood 2
8. Driven Like The Snow
9. Never Land

Response to this review by Bogie: I remember when Wayne Hussey left the band to form The Mission in 1986. We thought there would be no more Sisters of Mercy releases. It took Eldritch a while to reconstitute the Sisters but boy did they come back with a bang.

Response to this review by Flix: I think this is probably their best album. I think everyone benefitted from Wayne leaving the band. Getting two great bands for the price of one.

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