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Soft Cell

Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing (Reviewed by wavemeister):

Soft Cell 'Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing', released in 1982/rereleased in 1998 on EMI, Synthpop

Memorabilia (5.22)
Where Did Our Love Go? (4.22)
What? (4.33)
A Man Could Get Lost (4.05)
Chips On My Shoulder (4.26)
Sex Dwarf (5.15)

Bonus Tracks:

Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Extended) (8.57)
Memorabilia (Extended) (7.45)
What! (Extended) (6.11)
So (Extended) (8.50)
Torch (Extended) (8.30)
Insecure Me (Extended) (8.15)

If you liked it or not, it was practically impossible to live through the 80s without listening to 'Tainted Love' on the radio, in the clubs or at a party...

After Soft Cell scored a worldwide hit with the coverversion of a song which was originally performed in the 60s, 'Non Stop Erotic Cabaret' was released in 1981. 'Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing' followed a year later, and it was pretty daring to release a full Best Of/Remix album, since this concept was almost unknown then.

'Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing' gathered six of the finest tracks of their career plus the extended version of their singles which were released until 1982.

The sound of Soft Cell was influenced by many sources, from the pop music of the 60s over the Disco era to the early electronics of the 70s and beginning 80s. Adding their own style, the result was the typical Soft Cell tune, from the quirky upbeat of 'Chips On My Shoulder' over the irresistible pop like 'Tainted Love' to dramatic tear jerkers like 'Torch'.

The extended section started with the all-time classic 'Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go', and many people didn´t realized that both tracks were actually coverversions - Soft Cell managed to make them sound like own compositions.
'Memorabilia' is a bit rougher than the single version, and in the longer edit, it´s even more hypnotic with the pulsating bass line in the background.
If remixes were known in the 60s, this version of 'What!' might have sounded like this. Although almost electronic, it still breathes the atmosphere of Northern Soul.
'So' is the typical sleazy and laszive track that you expect from an album titled like this. While it´s a bit too long over the duration, it oozes the feeling of a wet rainy night in a red light-district.
'Torch' lost some of the drama featured in the single version. While the flugelhorn is wailing over the tune, the track is full of a underdwelling tension.
'Insecure Me' closes this album with the typical Soft Cell sound.

It´s amazing that Soft Cell used scratching, raps and other sounds before they became generally known in Europe, and they sure had some influence on other artists, from Pop and Wave to Acid House - Hi-NRG owes a great deal to this duo for the sounds and style.
'Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing' is a definite must for collectors and fans of 80s Pop music.

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