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Stevie Nicks

Bella Donna (Reviewed by Trixter):

Cyndi Lauper debut as a solo artist is one of the most important album in the history of 80s pop. This incredibly fun album contains such great songs as "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", "Time After Time", "All throught the night" and many more. Her unique personality and her videos will remain in my mind forever. One of my all-time favorite female singer, Cyndi Lauper is highly underrated. This is a classic 80s album, a must.
1. Money Changes Everything
2. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
3. When You Were Mine
4. Time After Time
5. She Bop
6. All Through The Night
7. Witness
8. I'll Kiss You
9. She's So Unusual
10. Yeah Yeah

Response to this review by Recker): Did you write that review yourself? You sound like a professional. Stevie Nicks, in New Zealand she had a string of solo hits throughout the 80s and be blowed if I can remember any of them. (Even though I quite liked a couple of them). I'm looking at your list and trying to figure out which ones I know. Stop Dragging my Heart around I know, but I'm having trouble recognising any of the others. (It's not all my fault, NZ radio rarely plays Nicks at all, but we get bombarded with Fleetwood Mac)

Response to this review by Iluvthe80s): I have this album too. Great album! Another good one is "Rock A Little".

Response to this review by Trixter): Thank you recker, that a great compliment.
Stevie had further success in the 80's with hits such as this:

Stand Back
If Anyone Falls
Talk To Me
I Can't Wait
Rooms On Fire
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You
Beauty And The Beast
Whole Lotta Trouble

Response to this review by caligula): Stevie Nicks is God and she still looks good.

Response to this review by VioletFoxx): Excellent review Trixter! Stevie is a Goddess. I loved her in the Mac, but I remember when this came out I was simply in awe. I've been a devoted fan ever since. My fav tracks off Belladonna are, in order: Think About, The Highwayman, and After The Glitter Fades. Again, great review.

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