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The Plimsouls

Everywhere At Once (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

Most people have maybe never heard of this group, but if you saw the movie Valley Girl you have heard their music. In the 1982 film, they make an appearance as the band playing onstage in the punk club. Since I saw that movie, I really got into this group and found this CD in 1993.
"Everywhere At Once" is a great classic alternative album. Lots of energy, college rock with a pop flavor. I highly recommend this album. The three songs from the movie most people will recognize will be "Oldest Story In The World", "A Million Miles Away", and the title track "Everywhere At Once". My track pics for this album are: "A Million Miles Away", "Inch By Inch", "Oldest Story In The World, and "Shaky City".


1. Shaky City
2. Magic Touch
3. Oldest Story In The World
4. Lie, Beg, Borrow, And Steal
5. Play The Breaks
6. How Long Will It Take?
7. A Million Miles Away
8. My Life Ain't Easy
9. Inch By Inch
10. I'll Get Lucky
11. Everywhere At Once
12. Hobo

Response to this review by SurlyOne): This is a brilliant album. Every fan of solid Power Pop should own this. It's still available on CD!!

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