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The Twins

Classics Remixed (Reviewed by wavemeister):

The Twins 'Classics Remixed', released 1991 on Hansa/BMG, Synthpop

Desert Place (6.10)
Love In The Dark (4.28)
Ballet Dancer (3.25)
A Wild Romance (4.54)
Face To Face - Heart To Heart (4.43)
Not The Loving Kind (3.57)
Love System (4.15)
Heaven In Your Smile (5.00)
Facts Of Love (3.50)
Between The Woman And You (6.10)

Although The Twins were not as popular as other German synthpop bands like Alphaville or Camouflage though having had some hits, they were among the first to appear on the New Wave scene.

In 1981, Sven Dohrow and Ronny Schreinzer (obviously no twins...the band name is an expression for the way they work together) released their second single 'Desert Place' which became a club hit on the spot and even entered the Billboard Dance Charts.
The breakthrough for The Twins happened in 1983, not in Germany but in Italy when 'Face To Face - Heart To Heart' entered the Top Ten and became one of the best selling singles of this year. While their following singles became also Top Ten hits there, their first noticable hit in Germany was 'Ballet Dancer'. From this moment on, they charted regulary in the German Top 75 until 1987 when they decided to take a break which lasted for two years.

The music of The Twins can be best described as elegant and very danceable synthpop. It´s lacking from the bombast of Alphaville or the rather moody sounds of Camouflage - just straight and mainly joyous pop.

This compilation gathers 10 of their best releases, overworked in sound quality and slightly altered - the term 'Remix' is a bit stretched, since these versions doesn´t differ much from the originals. Nonetheless, whoever likes good pop music should put this album to the collection.

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