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Then Jericho

The Big Area (Reviewed by NewRomantic):

'The Big Area' was Then Jerico's second album, and was released in 1989. Their first album was released in 1987 and was called 'First (The Sound Of Music)'.
'The Big Area' is a 10 track album of inoffensive synth pop whic should appeal to fans of English synth pop. Then Jerico recieved more press for its lead singer's (Mark Shaw) good looks than their music. I suppose in a way, the music blended in with everything else around at the time, and could have easily been overlooked, which is a shame, because all the tracks are really quite good.
As far as this author is aware, there was only 1 track released, and that was
Big Area. This track was featured in the movie "Slipstream" that stared Mark Hamill. This opens with a catchy synth sequence and builds into a song about love that was once good, but turned sour.
The rest of the tracks are great listening. I think band could have done well by releasing some other tracks.
If NewRomantic was their producer, I would have thought that What Does It Take ; Darkest Hour ; Sugar Box and Under Fire could have done well.
So, if you like New Order ; Pet Shop Boys and Erasure, then I think it is worth your while trying to find this album. The cool thing is that it won't set you back $26.00 as it did some of us!!

Track Listing:
1. Big Area
2. What Does It Take?
3. You Ought To Know
4. Song For The Brokenhearted
5. Darkest Hour
6. Reeling
7. Where You Lie
8. Sugar Box
9. Helpless
10. Under Fire

Response to this review by Zel): This is a band I've never heard of before. I am definitely going to have to get some tracks! Thanks for the info!

Response to this review by Flix): Great band! This is their second album. Their first album had a few hits on it as well. My favourite track from this second album is What Does It Take with Belinda Carlisle. Then Jerico is definitely a great band worth checking out. Although I'm not sure I get the connection to Erasure and PSB. Then Jerico is more rock music than electronic. Mark Shaw actually took up DJ'ing later on. I DJ'ed with him in Stockholm, Sweden in 1997.

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