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Thompson Twins

Into the Gap (Reviewed by DarkWave):

From the cover to listening to all of the great songs on this album, Into the gap is pure 80s pop. I don't think an album like this would be made in any other decade, that's what make the 80s and this album so unique. Doctor, Doctor and Hold Me now were huge MTV hits back then and are now classic pop music. A great album to have in any 80s collection.

1. Doctor! Doctor!
2. You Take Me Up
3. Hold Me Now
4. Day After Day
5. No Peace For The Wicked
6. The Gap
7. Sister Of Mercy
8. Storm On The Sea
9. Who Can Stop The Rain

Response to this review by Iluvthe80s: I have this album too. It is another album that says "80's" all over it. Again, fun songs to listen to. My fave songs are: "Sister Of Mercy" and "Hold Me Now".

Response to this review by SurlyOne: My first concert was The Thompson Twins and Berlin in late summer 1984. "You Take Me Up" had just been released as a single. What a great pop band they were.

Response to this review by 80's Eric: Hey Surly One, Thompson Twins and Berlin was also my first concert. I also saw them in summer of '84. They played at the Ilinois State Fair. Great show, great album, great concert tee. I still have it around here somewhere...

Response to this review by Flix: Great album from a great 80's band. Sisters Of Mercy is my favorite song although Hold Me Now and Doctor Doctor rocked back then.

Response to this review by Recker: This is definitely one of my all time favourite albums and as previously said, EIGHTIES. Songs would never be hits now. I loved every song on this album. My personal favourites are:
The Gap
You Take me Up
Sister of Mercy

Response to this review by Trixter: I have to agree with all of you, 'Into The Gap' was one of those 80's albums that defined the period! I have this cassette lying around somewhere, I've got to dig it out and give it a listen. Favorite tracks:
You Take Me Up
Hold Me Now
Doctor Doctor

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