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Transformers - The Movie

Transformers - The Movie (Reviewed by DarkWave):

Back in the 80s, cartoons like Transformers, G.I Joe and many others got their chance on the big screen with often good results. Transformers the movie was one of them, the movie was everything any Trans fans had wanted and much more.
This awesome soundtrack contains several hair metal anthems. Songs so powerful and great, they will remain in your head for a long long time. And if you don't like the Transformers but love 80s hair metal, well you should really listen to this great album. My favorite song is The Transformers Theme by Lion...never a song got THAT big in the 80s....


1. The Touch - Stan Bush
2. Instruments Of Destruction - N.R.G.
3. Death Of Optimus Prime - Vince Dicola
4. Dare - Stan Bush
5. Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way - Spectre General
6. The Transformers (Theme) - Lion
7. Escape - Vince Dicola
8. Hunger - Spectre General
9. Autobot/Decepticon Battle - Vince Dicola
10. Dare To Be Stupid - 'Weird Al' Yankovic

Response to this review by Ironeagle1: The Transformers: The Movie soundtrack does kick ass!!!!!

Response to this review by Therrall: Hello Mr. Ironeagle, ooops where was I. This album kicks ass, I loved every song off of it, well except Dare To Be Stupid didn't really like it all that much, I love Lion' theme song for the movie as well, I'm a fan of Lion and they Rock, I thought the score rocked as well, and was pretty upset that it was never released till Botcon 97 produced the Score on CD. i 2nd your opinion Darkwave.

Response to this review by Boggle400: This is a great album! Nothing Is Going To Stand In Our Way, Hunger, The Touch, and Dare are my favorite songs off of this album. Has to be my favorite movie of all time.

Response to this review by JS Steele: I have a cassette copy of Transformers: The Movie's soundtrack, too! I love it!!! I've even submitted online reviews of that soundtrack to Amazom.com and BN.com not too long ago.

My favorite songs from Transformers: The Movie's soundtrack are...
The Touch
Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way
Autobot/Decepticon Battle

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