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Traveling Wilburys

Volume 1 (Reviewed by 80s hair):

The Traveling Wilburys "Volume 1" (1988)
Track Listing:
1. Handle With Care - The first single from the album. Giving each member of the group to show off their talent.

2. Dirty World - This song is 5 guys who have done and seen everything in rock music.

3. Rattled - Lends its self very well to the crazy side of Jeff Lynne. Also check out the Roy Orbison tongue roll like he does in the song "Oh Pretty Woman."

4. "Last Night" - Talking about all the crazy women they have come in contact with over all their very long career's.

5. "Not Alone Any More" - Gives Roy Orbison a chance to do what he does best. Could have been a solo track for him in any period of his career.

6. Congratulations - In typical Bob Dylan humor this song is way different than the title. "Congratulations for breaking my heart!"

7. Heading For The Light - One of my favorites from the album. George Harrison does a wonderful job on it.

8. Margarita - One of my least favorites on the album.

9. Tweeter And The Monkey Man - This is classic Dylan all the way!!! No one can tell a story like Bob Dylan.

10. End Of The Line - The other single from the album. It came out as a single after Roy Orbison passed away. In my mind it always makes me think of him.

Traveling Wilburys:
Bob Dylan
George Harrison
Tom Petty
Jeff Lynne
Roy Orbison

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