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Monument The Soundtrack (Reviewed by wavemeister):

Ultravox 'Monument The Soundtrack - Live', released in 1983 by Phonogram / rereleased in 1996 by EMI, Synthpop

Reap The Wild Wind
Visions In Blue
The Voice
Passing Strangers
Mine For Life

Ultravox were one of the prototypes of the upcoming 'New Romantic' movement at the beginning of the 80´s, as they had defined this genre with bombastic vocal and synth arrangements.
They scored a worldwide hit with 'Vienna', while their general success was mainly focused on Europe.

With the exception of 'Monument', this concert was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in December 1982, gathering some of their finest tracks.
It must have been awesome to be a visitor of this concert, not only for the performance but also for the opulent stage decoration which was creating the perfect background for the sound of Ultravox.

From all the tracks featured on this CD, 'The Voice' is outstanding with the massive drum part and an overall length of almost 7 minutes. It can even be said that 'Monument The Soundtrack' is better than any 'Best Of' although not featuring all single releases, as it have a special atmosphere which makes it also one of the best live recordings of this genre.

Response to this review by Steve Chase): I've got this album, and can certainly vouch for the positive comments regarding 'The Voice' - it's simply superb! Perhaps the biggest disappointment of all is that 'Monument' doesn't seem to be available on CD..

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