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Whitesnake (Reviewed by Iluvthe80s):

This 1987 release was the breakthrough album Whitesnake made to get theirselves known on the charts. With such singles as "Still Of The Night", "Here I Go Again", and "Is This Love?" they were well on their way to chart success.
The band formed in 1977 and had a few albums that came out between '77 to '87 with mediocre success. "Whitesnake" the self-titled album went to sell 6 million copies in the U.S. alone.

Comparsions to the sound of this album is often compared to Led Zeppelin. This 9 track album contains lots of hard rocking songs and including the power ballad "Is This Love?" My favorite picks for the album are: "Is This Love", "Still Of The Night", "Give Me All Your Love".


1. Crying In The Rain
2. Bad Boys
3. Still Of The Night
4. Here I Go Again
5. Give Me All Your Love
6. Is This Love
7. Children Of The Night
8. Straight For The Heart
9. Don't Turn Away

Response to this review by topcat1970): This is one of my favorite CD's!! 'Still of the Night' was the theme song for me and my group of friends! We even made up a silly dance that we lip-singed to!!

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