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Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

   After 15 years of making the 80sXChange THE place on the web for 80's information and discussion, Sal C. has handed over the reigns to RetroDaze owner RBG Creative. This will mean that both sites can now freely exchange information, discussion, and membership. It is the hope of RBG Creative that the 80sXChange will continue to be a landmark site for all 80's fans across the globe. Thanks Sal, for all you have done. 

Friday, November 19th, 1999

    Welcome to the future of the 80s! That sounds kind of interesting doesn't it? Well, I think this will be interesting, indeed. I woke up this morning (11.19.99) with this odd idea of putting together a website and message board where all the fans of the 80s could get together and talk, etc. Trade music, make tapes, cd's or whatever media becomes popular in this day and age. Whatever. It's not just for the music, though. It's about everything in the 80s.. You know what I mean... There is a special thing about a person who grew up in the 80s. We were very different from the people of the 90s - especially the late 90s. I hear people talk about the 60s all the time. That must have been one incredible time to live. Well, I know these 80s will be talked about the same way for a long time... This message board is starting today and I am using a superior product to do it! This is a great messaging system. But take into consideration that it's brand new. So there wont be much action yet. Okay? But there will be. I can almost guarantee it.

    Furthermore, I will be looking for administrators to help me along with this place. I have a feeling it will grow quickly so I will need help. If you have a particular forum idea in mind, post a message about it in the Suggestion Box (in the forums). But don't forget to register first!