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Popular Events That Happened In 1981

The 1st launch of a space shuttle (Columbia)

Sandra Day O'Connor becomes first female Supreme Court Justice.

Mitterand becomes French president (and will remain so well into the 90s).

Prince Charles and Diana Spencer marry on July 29.

Luke and Lauras's Wedding (General Hospital), Most watched wedding in history next to Charles and Diana.

Dynasty premiers in primetime hours and becomes an instant hit.

The US Agriculture Department tries making ketchup a school lunch vegetable.

The first IBM-PC's begin to roll of the assembly lines.

The first DeLorean sports car rolls off the assembly line.

August 1, The birth of MTV, the 24 hour-a-day music television station.

Private satelite dishes are given the ok by the FCC.

Fruit fly break out in California.

The Pac-Man arcade game is introduced in the US and sparks a huge craze.

Spain allows legal divorces.

Poland government crushes the Solidarity movement.

The first reports of homosexual men dying due to a mysterious breakdown of the bodies' immuminzation system. Later it becomes known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, aka AIDS and researches realize it can strike anyone.

Antigua gained its independence November 1, 1981.

52 American hostages released in January after 14 months in captivity in Iran.

President Reagan starts toying with the Libyans, and deploys ships in the Gulf of Sidra, which Libya claimed rights to even though no one else recognized it as theirs.

President Reagan fires the striking air traffic controllers and breaks up their union.

Pope John Paul II shot by insane Turk, May 13th.

Assasination attempt on President Ronald Regean on March 30, 1981 by John Hinkley.

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