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Popular Events That Happened In 1985

The first Nintendo home entertainment system introduced.

Brussels, Belgium: 39 dead, 250 wounded during a soccer match between Liverpool and Juventus.

A "New Coke" (Max Headroom) is introduced in April and quickly replaced with "Classic" (original) Coke.

"We Are The World" is recorded by USA for Africa, America's response to the British "Do They Know It's Christmas"

LIVE AID in London and Philadelphia, beamed around the world

Crack coccaine begins to appear.

Billy Joel marries Christie Brinkley.

Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior is bombed by the French goverment during protests of it's nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Earthquake in Mexico / Volcano erupts in Colombia; Thousands are killed.

Mikhail Gorbachev becomes (the last) president of the Soviet Union.

Titanic wreckage found and filmed by robotic camera in July.

Bernhard Goetz is charged with attempted murder.

Ethiopa blocks the airlift of thousands of Ethiopian Jews.

Hole in the ozone layer, first detected in 1977, is now indisputable.

In October, the worlds largest atom smasher goes online in Illinois.

Swedish premier Olaf Palme is assassinated.

Rock 'n' Roll Hall of fame is introduced.

Rock Hudson, the first major public figure to die to AIDS, dies on October 2.

Karen Ann Quinlan, coma patient, dies of pneumonia. She was the first person to die in the "right-to-die" controversy debate.

Leaded gas is officially banned in the US.

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