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Popular Events That Happened In 1986

The Fox Network starts in America.

January 28, the space shuttle Challenger explodes.

Worst nuclear disaster ever in Chernobyl, USSR, in April.

Bill Buckner (Boston Red Sox) lets World Series slip through his legs. The Mets win in 7 games.

Not only did the Red Sox go to the World Series (They lost in 7 to the Mets), but the Boston Celtics won the 1986 NBA Championship, and New England went to the the Super Bowl but lost to the Chicago Bears 46-10.

US vs Lybia's Colonel Khadafi in quick and easy war for the U.S.

Argentina wins Soccer World Cup in Mexico.

June 19th, Len Bias, a first round pick by the Celtics, died of a cocaine overdose.

Mandatory recycling programs started in Rhode Island.

Iran Contra Scandal (Iran Controversy) is reported in November in a Lebanese magazine.

The return of Haley's Comet.

Hands Across America, May 25, 1986.

In Nyos, Cameroon, a cloud of carbon dioxide rumbled out of the nearby lake Nyos on August 21 and killed approximently 1,700 people.

The Statue of Liberty celebrates the 100th Anniversary and gets a face lift in the process.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (now Governor of California) marries Maria Shriver.

Kurt Waldheim's Nazi past is revealed as he runs for president of Austria; he wins.

"A.M. Chicago" changes its name to the "Oprah Winfrey Show" and goes national September 8th.

Turner Broadcasting begins to colorize black and white classics.

Miami Hurricanes' Quarterback Vinny Testaverde wins the Heisman Trophy.

John McCarthy, a British journalist was kidnapped by Islamic Jihad. Remained in captivity for a staggering 5.5 years.

America celebrates national holiday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day for the first time.

Supermodel Gia, after years of heroin addiction, dies of AIDS. She is the first woman to succumb to the AIDS virus in the US.

Election of Corazon Aquino ends corrupt Marcos regime in the Philippines.

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